Focus Areas

Our thematic strongholds as a cluster

CLEAN is technology neutral with a broad approach to cleantech.

Our focus areas are Smart Energy, Environment, Smart City and Internationalisation:

Smart Energy and Energy Efficiency

Denmark has competencies in the entire value chain spanning over most technologies, services and related human behavior in production, distribution, consumption and energy savings.

A number of energy efficient and renewable energy technologies are produced by Danish companies, that in many cases are global leaders. On one side, we have the development of renewable energy solutions, and on the other, solutions that improve efficiency of the produced energy.

CLEAN works with both energy production and energy efficiency, but with a main focus on energy efficiency since CLEAN’s members specialise in this particular area. We run the Innovation Network for Smart Energy, Industrial Energy-Partnership and the Green Industry Growth project.


Denmark has a long tradition of adopting high environmental requirements and standards, and Danish companies are at the forefront of environmental technology. CLEAN’s efforts are particularly focused on the Danish strongholds in waste management, but also water, air purification and soil remuneration. We run the Innovation Network for Environmental Technology, an innovation offering for SME’s within the water sector, as well as innovative tenders in building, construction and plastic waste.

Smart City

The Smart City concept is a new global mega-trend and can be defined as a collective term for solutions that support core functions using new information- and communication technologies, that makes e.g. management of the city possible through the collection and processing of data on behaviour, traffic, consumption and supply. CLEAN is a first mover in this field – including establishment of a big data marketplace City Data Exchange, Big Data Business Academy and organizing the Danish pavilion at the Barcelona Smart City Expo.


Danish cleantech is recognised worldwide, and cities, utilities, etc. are looking to Denmark to explore green solutions. The Danish exports are generally strong, but there is a great potential to increase Danish companies’ international market share through increased cooperation and so-called “solution-based sales,” where companies in consortia provide solutions rather than individual components. CLEAN runs CLEAN Solutions, C40-CLEAN City Solutions Platform and the International Cleantech Network.