SCALE-UP supports the greening of the economy through better exploitation of NSR Clean Tech (CT) innovations, aiming at international uptake of 25 novel, green products and services by large corporate buyers. While the NSR globally leads in CT innovations, still too few of those reach international markets. Scale-Up is a collaboration between European cleantech clusters: Cambridge Cleantech, Clean Copenhagen, Clean Tech Delta, Rotterdam and Cleantech Inn Sweden. This clusters are attractive knowledge centres, start-up communities and cities with specific ambition and experience in cleantech.


The goal of the project is to make better connections between the members of the various clusters, and thereby speed up the market introduction of innovative cleantech product or services.

SCALE-UP aims to deliver;

  • 5 established clusters connected, providing new transnational business development services
  • 50 transnational events, matching technology buyers with innovators
  • Up to 250 innovators financially supported in transnational business development
  • 300 innovators provided with skills to serve industrial markets

In SCALE-UP, the CT cluster organisations CTD (NL), CLEAN (DK), Cambridge CT (UK), iCTFlanders (BE) and CTINN (SE) will offer a set of new transnational services aimed at enabling business development between innovators and buyers. At the core are tailored Meet the Buyer events, professional expertise development programmes for innovators focusing on reaching corporate buyers, and a voucher system to support international travel

Project Partners

Cambridge Cleantech, Clean Tech Delta, Gemeente Rotterdam, Cleantech Inn Sweden, Allia, i-Cleantech Vlaanderen and CLEAN.

Scale-Up is approved by the European subsidy program INTERREG North Sea Region.